Eden Camp

Make Do and Mend – Rebranding with a 1940s feel.

Set in the buildings and grounds of an original Prisoner of War Camp, Eden Camp Modern History Theme Museum is one of the country’s best loved visitor attractions. A visit to POW Camp No.83 transports visitors back to wartime Britain to experience the sights, sounds and smells of ‘The People’s War 1939-1945’.

The family owned attraction serves as a fitting tribute to the people of World War II and continues to engage visitors year on year.

With the camp approaching its 30th year as a museum, Intravenous were presented with the task of updating its brand identity, delivering a consistent marketing message inline with modern visitor expectations, whilst retaining a strong link to the museum’s much loved heritage and charm.

Embracing the “Make Do and Mend” motto, one that epitomised the spirit of 1940s Britain, we combined historical resources with original artwork to deliver a versatile brand image capturing both the theme and the character of this unique attraction. The new identity has now been rolled out across both internal and external marketing communications, this includes a responsive website, newspaper/magazine advertising, site brochure, gift book, entrance signage, business cards, stationery and email templates.


Eden Camp: Branding by Intravenous
Eden Camp: Website by Intravenous
Eden Camp: Brochure by Intravenous
Eden Camp: Brochure by Intravenous
Eden Camp: Advertising by Intravenous
Eden Camp: Book Cover by Intravenous
Eden Camp: Stationery by Intravenous
Eden Camp: Signage by Intravenous

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